– I am very aware that I have too many blogs –

This one, however, is a blog I plan to be more for the public, with posts everything to do with inspiration. My very own ‘Tumblr’.

So why not just stick with Tumblr? I feel that Tumblr can get a little chaotic. I prefer the sophistication of WordPress, which also motivates me to post quality blogs with substance. Otherwise I will fall into the trap of endlessly and mindlessly reposting other people’s images, become hopelessly addicted to Tumblr all over again, get nothing done, and worsen my procrastination.

I struggled to find a good name for my blog, I almost settled with “emclecticblogs” or something. But I really wanted to express and tailor this particular blog to Art that interests and inspires me – whether that be in the form of illustrations, photographs, fashion, music, film or literature.

Words like ‘window’ seemed all too vapid. Then I remembered the word “Kaleidoscope”, that my friends say I continually  mispronounce. I like how the word is vibrant, fun, and appropriate as I had just attended Melbourne’s White Night and saw an artwork called “Kaleidoscope”.

So, without further ado, let’s get this blog started!


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