Zack Seckler’s beautiful photography

When I first came across Zack Seckler’s aerial photographs, I instantly went on a hunt for more, hoping that somewhere in cyberspace there would be a higher resolution image so that I could use it as a wallpaper for all my devices. I fell in love with its etherial quality. If you visit his official website and read his “About” page, you’ll find that his humour reflects just as much in his photographs. He explores the extraordinary in the ordinary, the oddity in banal commodity, the strange in normality. It’s no mystery that his portfolio images are full of fun and irony, but also aesthetically beautiful with a great sense of colour and spacial relationship. What appeals to me the most is its simplicity; clean and even colour, and of course the way you have to sometimes look twice to see what’s really going on in the photo. I’ve always loved artwork that toys a little with the audience’s mind, that plays with perception and teaches us to see outside the box.zs21 zs20 zs19 zs17 zs16 zs15 zs14 zs13 zs12 zs11 zs10 zs9 zs8 zs7 zs6 zs5 zs4 zs3 zs2


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