What I’m watching:

Among all the other crap I’m watching, one of latest series I’ve watched is The 100.



I was very sceptical at first – thought it would have been a poorer version of the Hunger Games, because how on earth (no pun intended?) can a dystopian/post apocolyptic story be dragged out into a series? I was pretty sure that the plot would stall, with just death/teenage-romance/running around in circles to fill the gaps. I love this genre but couldn’t see how it could be unique from all the other futuristic films I’ve seen. But, I was very happily proven wrong. This series was something like the Hunger Games meets The Walking Dead (even though I’ve never seen it, forgive me if I’m utterly wrong about this). I’m not one for guts and gore, for all I know you all might be thinking “what the hell is she talking about?” because this is benign in comparison to other things you might have watched. But for someone like me who often watches brainless reality TV and sappy teenage dramas, The 100 is quite a stretch.
The show was not shy with the torture or violence, and I guess a big part of this made it less ‘teenage’ and more ‘adult’. The plot develops very quickly which means each episode was filled with drama; all without sacrificing character growth. I also appreciated the fact that we did not fall into a Peeta vs Gale or Edward vs Jacob bind (which I thought I saw coming). Like any other survival story, you would expect that it explores ethics, morality, power, authority, justice (to name a few). It was interesting to see the way the story balanced the power distribution between both males and females – they were all equally in command, and the “healers” were not typically women. What the show did well was being able to continually create suspense during and at the end of each episode. The cast was also very easy to look at – which is always a plus.
I think I completed this season within a week, which is a very short time for because I usually like to spare my TV shows and take my time watching them. This goes to show how impressive I think it is! I’m looking forward to reading the next book or watching the next season (whichever comes first – I can’t wait!).


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