Ootd#1: Everyday Sage

There’s a first for everything, and today is my first go at logging my outfit. For ages I have been um and ah-ing about whether or not I should start a “fashion blog”. My hesitations lay in the fact that; 1. I am hopeless at posing, 2. I’m the most awkward person I know, even in front of my boyfriend, 3. I don’t want to appear like a try-hard, 4. I am shy and self conscious and fear that people think I’m a vain poser if I ever take photos in public, 5. I don’t want ‘amateur’ results, 6. not sure how many favours I’m doing for myself if future employers see this, 7. this whole thing sounds like a stupid idea.

Here are the following things that have encouraged the first post; 1. I can delete this later as this blog is not purely dedicated to fashion/outfit posts, 2. I have recently seen an influx of Melbourne/Australian fashion bloggers who I aspire to be like…, 3. I’m a girl that loves clothes, accessories and other materialistic things, 4. I want to share my love for materialistic things with anonymous others, 5. this blog is all about recording my inspiration – among music, film, art etc. fashion is also an inspiration to me, 6. pride, 7.Yolo.

I’ve been wearing this black cropped blouse repeatedly. I love the simplicity, the clean v cut, and the tie detail on the sleeves. The top seems to carry the vibe of the kimono trend, its wearable yet minimalistic take makes this piece all the more ‘staple’ for me. I’ve also been wearing the same necklace combination a lot; it’s the first time I’ve managed to successfully layer my own necklace with other pieces. After taking these photos, I’ve realised how much of a haircut I need…but I’m reluctant to go back to my shoulder length hair with this newly cut fringe…#firstworldproblems #girlproblems #hairdilemmas



IMG_9288 IMG_9272 IMG_9271 IMG_9283 IMG_9286 Hat: Cotton On | Top: Zara | Jeans: American Apparel Easy Jean | Boots: Tony Bianco ‘Jaymar’ | Jewellery: Emclectic Collection necklace, Sportsgirl stone necklace, Karen Walker ring, Mimco watch | Bag: Proenza Schouler PS11 Mini Classic | Lipstick: NYX soft matte lip cream in ‘Antwerp’


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