fantastically bold or downright weird

I recently bought these Karen Walker sunnies off MyNetSale (pictured below). I haven’t posted any full photos yet because truthfully I don’t quite have the gall to show you all how crazy I am. I’m not exactly sure what spurred me onto these – it being aesthetically wonderful as an object alone, or its price tag. Most likely the latter – damn you discounts! You are all probably curling your eyebrows and wondering – what the F*cK was she thinking? – and I fear that in the not too distant future I will be thinking the same…


KarenWalkerIntergalacticCrystalPink_2 KarenWalkerIntergalacticCrystalPink_3 KarenWalkerIntergalacticCrystalPink_4 kwintergalactic
(thumbnail images are not my own, as found on google images)

These babies were a steal though – retailing at $400 in stores, but getting it for $95 (including postage) on the 2 day sale online.  So I did a YOLO. Hopefully the same mentality applies when comes Spring/Summer when it’s no longer alright admiring them from (off) my face.

Also tried to convince myself that I would look like the following two people if I owned these sunglasses…(there’s is in the other gold/clear colour)… in my dreams?

hanneli-mustaparta-in-karen-walker-0261-gallery-1 leandra-medine-in-karen-walker-eyewear-0315-gallery-1

I’m pretty sure these sunglasses are not made to flatter faces, rather simply a statement maker. Karen Walker sunglasses are interesting (to say the least), the silver/metallic detail is tastefully presented with cutouts of intertwining Walker signature motifs. As for styling ideas? I think this would be best paired with a monochromatic outfit – black to stay ‘chic’. A more daring look could feature these with other patterns and bold colours to really take the style to a whole new level of cray (I might pass on this combo though). But for now, a pair of good denim jeans and a plain T might just do the trick.

For better or for worse, I will hopefully brave this piece of art out onto the streets of Melbourne and try to embrace as many odd stares coming in my direction……. or make a home for it pulled back onto my head. We’ll just have to see.

 update |

Lo and behold… I returned them…


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