My kind of cozy


I’ve been really into kimono/wrap style jackets lately.
This Gorman one was a real steal and was exactly what I was looking for this winter. A short, warm coat that makes anything (even jeans and a T) ‘arty-farty’ (lol). I may have also mentioned this before, but I like to wear dresses and skirts in winter. Of course, this is less than ideal, but it is also a typical behaviour of mine. I tend to always dress against the seasons. To counteract this oddity, I’ve tried to rectify it by wearing bright patterned socks which would peek through my boots to make me appear cozied up when in fact I’m probably freezing.

Gorman ‘Fern Jacquard Jacket’ | Emclectic Collection Avant Garde necklace in ‘Martini’ | WoodWood sweater | Cotton On midi dress | Tony Bianco ‘Visage’ boots | Benah for Karen Walker bag



3 thoughts on “My kind of cozy

  1. Hi there,

    What size gorman fern jacquard jacket did you get? Do you mind me asking what size you are normally?

    Is it oversized? True to size? Bulky? How did you find it, without the tie?



    1. Hi Emma, I got the smallest size (Size S). I am usually a size XS though. I got mine from Gorman at Chadstone. I don’t believe there are many left as these were Autumn season stock (you should call up different stores to check before going to look in person).

      I believe the style is meant to be slightly oversized as it is a kimono-like/cocoon cut. It comes with the tie and it is quite a thick coat fabric so it will feel a tad bulky. It is definitely a substantial jacket, but not heavy enough to weigh you down.

      Hope this helps.


      1. Great thankyou! Yours looks lovely! Im normally a medium but have only found larges avaulable. Im going to risk it and see how i go with it. Thanks


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