My life in squares.

Sometimes I’m too lazy to whip out the dslr, so the iPhone has to suffice. Photos always seem to look better in squares anyways. Being able to transition a outfit from day to teaching to gym is important for me as this is what my life is pretty much made of. Tutoring nearly every day and gymming three times a week means I have to be pragmatic about what I wear. Today I wore a loose t-shirt dress, with a sports brallette and shorts underneath. To beat the cold, pull over a jumper and wear thigh high boots, travelling with sneakers in the car to transition.


My mind is often preoccupied with things that are probably not healthy nor productive. Instead of reading up on my students’ texts or creating new units of work, I think about all the materialistic things I want and can’t afford or can’t get my greedy hands on. It is definitely not something I admire about myself, in fact I would go as far as to say that this constant buckling to temptation has turned me into a person who’s desires are insatiable. How do I find new appreciation in the simpler things in life? How do I stop yearning for things when my hobby is to trawl the internet looking at pretty people and pretty things? It all sounds very superficial, but unfortunately a reality. Because of this, I’ve learnt to be very picky about what I want, but this only means that when I find something I want I am absolutely persistent in owning it. Let me know if you’re as hopeless as I am…

IMG_3937 IMG_3939 IMG_3938Country Road jumper | Benah for Karen Walker bag | Cotton On dress | Tony Bianco “Granger” boots | Emclectic Collection Necklace | Oliver Peoples glasses


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