Blogger’s Block

Fashion Bloggers TV Season 2 has started following the lives of aussie icons; Sara from Harper&Harley, Zanita from, Nadia from Fairfax Journal and Amanda from Oraclefox – no mention of where Margaret Zhang from last season went though.

Despite what you might think, this post isn’t going to be about how much I envy their lifestyle, I do think that one of the reasons for this show is to show just how unglamorous the ‘glamorous’ life can be. Call me sensitive, but when watching it I feel some sense of anxiety creeping on – it definitely looks stressful!

Running Comments S2E01/S2E02

I raised an eyebrow when Zanita was trying to describe why she liked street style photography so much. As if they’re in a “jungle” and are “bird watchers”. I’m not sure how well describing females as ‘birds’ to be ‘hunted’ in a ‘jungle’ sits well with 21st century women…(lol)….I can poke fun at this show as much as I want – but I think writer Chantelle Schmidt does it well. Other than mocking them, I appreciate that they appreciate how lucky they are.

My take

More than anything, I think this show has made me realise even more how much I like curating things over modelling things. Being able to create and design images and products is one of the most satisfying things for me. Having others support or recognise you for it is just a bonus.


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