Social media fiend


I’ve been considering on amping this space up, and purchasing a domain name for my blog. But why-oh-why must it be so expensive, I don’t even have much of a reader base, so is it even truly worth it?


The reason why I want to invest in a domain name, is because I want step this place up a notch. As I have many things brewing, I want this to be a personal but professional space where I can share my vision with you all especially in relation to things like my jewellery line, as well as the family business which I am taking full responsibility of and shifting online.

If you’re in the retail industry in Australia, you’ll know that business is hard. It has been increasingly hard for us with the growth of online retailers. The shopping experience is obviously and rapidly changing, where less and less people are visiting the physical stores. This is the reality.

I always wanted to help my family with the business, beyond working as a sales assistant. With a teaching career I am very passionate about and have been working towards for years, I have found my own job as a tutor among doing my Masters in teaching. With all of this in my schedule, I was unable to offer some of my assistance at the store.

After nearly two years of dabbling in a small online jewellery business, I have finally found the courage and confidence to help my parents from home. This way I am able to strive for an independent career, whilst helping the family business – and hopefully my way of saying thank-you.

It’s only been a couple of days, but I am excited. It is certainly a lot of work, and very time consuming to build the site. So I’m taking advantage of the uni break to get this up and running as soon as possible.

What can you expect?

A variety of posts – like I said previously, my style isn’t to stick to one theme like ‘fashion’. Rather, this hub is a kaleidoscope of things, including what I think are ‘trending’ (perhaps a segment of its own?), latest finds and obsessions. Very hard not to sound arrogant – after all, who cares what I think lol. I guess my aim is to have this serve in conjunction with Emco Shoes as well as Emclectic Collection……………

Other comments

I have way, way, way, too many social media accounts. It’s embarrassing.



Stay tuned! And thank-you for taking the time to read! xo



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