Found these photos on Tumblr, and fell in love. When I get my own house, and if it ever be possible, boy-o-boy do I wish it looked like this! But oops, I told myself this wouldn’t actually turn into Tumblr, rather something of the kind but with more content and careful thought (I’m finding it very difficult to word it so that I don’t sound like I’m slamming everyone who uses Tumblr or sound pretentious, lol).

Industrial, white walls, light neutrals that add a tiny bit of warmth which can easily be adjusted for fresh Summers and crisp Winters. I love the cool, minimalistic vibes the rooms in these photos carry because it’s not so stripped back to the point of feeling too clinical. I also love the nooks and crannies, the interesting angular architecture which, although absolutely stunning, I can imagine to be a pain in the arse to find furniture for. Nevertheless, something like this is what I’m sure to strive for (on a budget and when the time comes) to create a blank but not bare canvas which is eclectic and versatile for any phase/mood/aesthetic I might be into at the time.







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