My A/W Make-Up Picks



So I thought I’d share with you all what I’ve been using lately, and my thoughts on them! I recently got my hands on the Stila “Eyes are the Window” palette. It took me a long time to get on the bandwagon as I was always so happy with my UD Naked palettes I didn’t feel like owning another one was necessary. Although my favourite palette is the Naked 3, I had been searching for a warmer earthy/red/berry toned combination. Since red-toned eyeshadow aren’t exactly the most popular, it was difficult to find a palette that included wearable reds that did not make you look like you were dressed as a vampire or got beat up the other night. But STILA did it. The “Pigalle” and “Jezebel” shades bought me, among the other wonderful colours that mix brilliantly with the warm tones I sought after. The shades are buildable (not overly pigmented) and of fine consistency (not as great as the Naked though in my opinion). Most shades are shimmery but hardly noticeable (I do wish that there were more mattes though – but I’ve found that the matte shades in the STILA palettes are harder to work with, not as pigmented, and harder to blend when used with eyeshadow primer). Moreover, I realised at MECCA that each STILA palette is encased in different mirrored covers – mine was rose gold, and others include a gold and/or silver. Who can say no to such beautiful packaging?

stila-front stila-underWhile this palette was the latest and greatest find for the season, it, of course, couldn’t be without the rest of my long-time favourites I use on a regular basis.


Spidery doll-like black lashes can always be achieved with the trusty Benefit “They’re Real” mascara – definitely worth the price point and found that this eliminates the desire for falsies. A good primer is always a must for me, and the Nars eye primer has always been my go-to, trumping the UD potion primer. The Stila All Day Waterproof liner has been my utmost favourite for years. There are several reasons for this; the felt tip brush is just the right thinness, it is flexible not stiff nor flimsy, it doesn’t dry out and it’s pigmented! I’ve also been using the Nars soft touch shadow pencil – I probably don’t use it like it’s meant to be used though. I like to take an angled eye liner brush directly to the product, get it saturated enough to draw a soft liner to add definition to the eye with a slight smokiness. I’ve also been using the Chanel stylo more recently, it’s like a shadow stick but not as powdery and adds just enough lavender/pink brightness to the inner corners of the eye and the brow bone.



I’ve been leaning towards a blush mid pink for the lips as opposed to the regular plum/red lip this season. This seems to give a more ‘mature’ or ‘my lips but better’ kind of refined, clean look. I love the texture and preciseness a lip liner can give. I usually don’t bother with lip liners but now I know what I’ve been missing out! The 24/7 UD liner is soft enough to wear on its own, and truly glides on the lips!


I have used the SIGMA classic makeup brush set for years now, and they’re beginning to show age! (bristles shedding and handles cracking) So I decided to invest on Real Techniques Bold Metals brush. These were incredibly pricey and almost abandoned the idea of purchasing them. But then I yolo’d. These brushes don’t come in a set, and so had to be bought separately ($$$). Despite the hefty price tags, I decided to grab all but one (the large powder brush). Everything about these are beautiful, each feel like an absolute luxury, almost forbiddingly so. The brushes are dense and feel extremely high quality and durable. Personally, however, I do enjoy a brush with bristles that can be pressed and moved around the face more freely (these don’t do that so much because of how densely packed they are). Still great nevertheless and worth the adjustment.

wintermakeup-flatlayThis final photo features the Chanel universal cream bronzer and aqua vitalumier foundation I’ve used for as long as I can remember.

Hope this was interesting and gave you some ideas of what to purchase next for your make-up collection πŸ˜‰







4 thoughts on “My A/W Make-Up Picks

  1. I’ve been hunting for the perfect brush set! I recently got more into makeup and have my eyes set on the Zoeva brushes since they’re relatively decent price.
    Brushes and make up in general is so expensive 😦 it makes my bank account super depressing!


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