Koh Samui┇Travel Diary » Part 2

We did not properly settle down till later in the afternoon on the day that we had arrived, so decided to spend the day at the resort where we rested up.

On the second day, we decided to visit Lamai so that we could search for currency exchange, and also where we got our first massage and got my toe nails did with shellac. I was very pleased with the quality and speed of this one place just opposite Maccas on Lamai, and had planned to come back soon to get my fingernails done (more than one time as you will discover in future posts…).

Lamai is a typical market/shopping walking strip with restaurants, beauty parlours, accessories and apparel which you should only buy if you bargain. As with any asian country, unless it’s a department store, you should always try to haggle with half its price and expect to meet something half-way. A good bargain takes haggling, a poor bargain is when there was no negotiation needed. So if they accepted your offer outright, you know you screwed yourself over lol.

We had a cooking class planned for the evening run by a company called Smiley Cook, comprising of two people – Tony & Bung. Together with another couple from the UK, we decided on cooking the following dishes: Tom Ka Soup (Coconut Soup), Larb Gai (Chicken Salad), Pad Thai w/ prawns, Penang Curry w/ pork.

The evening consisted of Tony taking us to the local markets to buy the ingredients. Tony walked us through the interesting thai ingredients, where we caught a glimpse of the even-more-so un-glamourised reality of life and plentiful cockroaches weaving in and out of fruits, veggies; flies whizzing about open butcher stands. Rest assured, the Tony & Bung kitchen washed the ingredients very thoroughly before we cooked with them.

After the market, Tony drove us back to his house where we then commenced cooking under Bung’s clear instruction, everything was very well organised with bowls and utensils always ready and rearing to go. An overall wonderful experience for something casual and those looking to learn something genuinely true to every-day thai culture.

Tom Ka

Larb Gai
Larb Gai
Pad Thai



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