Koh Samui┇Travel Diary » Part 3

Life update: apologies for the incredibly delayed post! I’ve just been so busy lately, and it’s not looking like that is going to change anytime soon. I’ve been back at uni for some time now, but our schedule is a bit haphazard because I chose a different stream this semester. So the days I have been at uni were allocated on a Friday and Saturday. Since I’ll be doing a minor thesis, our workshops have been consisting of full intense days, with only a total of 5 classes this semester before we separate and work with our assigned supervisors. I already have an assignment (which I should be doing instead of this) due coming Tuesday. Among things like uni, I have yet to launch the family business website (way way overdue ugh), as well as prepping for a lil something something when time comes for announcement!

Every passing day I miss the time Ken and I had in Thailand, so carefree and relaxing. Writing up these blog posts will only make these feeling more bitter sweet! haha.
Every morning we would start off with some roti. Without fail. Even the manager remembered our orders. Although it was a complimentary buffet breakfast, a lot of the food was made to order, which meant that the food was always fresh and hot off the stove. The best kind.

On our third day, we decided to go to Chaweng for the first time. Chaweng was a bit further away than Lamai, and I had expectations that it would be very similar to the small markets we had seen so far around Koh Samui. But as we were walking down the street, I realised to my surprise (and with my princessy-westernised-tendencies), I was relieved when met with something akin to home. Air-conditioned, outdoor, Samui’s version of, DFO. I did not expect nor had the desire to do any shopping on our trip. But of course, shopping always proves me wrong. While not everything here was worth buying, there were certainly things that were.

My suggestions for Central Festival Shopping Complex:
⇢They have Boots! Which means they probably carry lines that people from the US/UK youtubers talk about all the time.
⇢ Find places that sell body products (like the Body Shop) but more affordable!
⇢ UNIQLO – they carry a slightly different range but still basic and suitable for the trends in Melbourne
⇢ Keep your eyes peeled for a jewellery store – I got a ring customised for free for my tiny fingers!
JASPAL – a forward fashion Thailand brand, with trends not too far off from our own. The prices were very similar to that of Witchery, maybe just a little under, but still quite pricey considering. I still bought one piece from there since I liked it so much and something that is unique from the trip!
⇢ Just outside the building, opposite the entrance is a place I would recommend for massages. It’s called “DIVA”. They seem to apply the most strength in terms of quality. Although I must say this can be a hit and miss depending on who you get.

Yes, we were in Thailand, but that didn’t mean we didn’t eat food that was from home. I get sick of one cuisine very quickly if I have to have it for every meal. So some variety was in order. We decided to go into Coffee Club because it had free wifi, and because Ken heard their Pad Thai was good. Much like all international places, the franchise restaurants will always carry something different to suit their culture and tastes. My mango ice-shaken tea was the best, so fragrant, fresh and perfect for the hot weather. Not sure if Melbourne has it in Summer, but they bloody hell should.


We stayed at Central Festival for much longer than we had anticipated. And we didn’t even walk the whole place! So we decided to stay there for dinner, and got ourselves some japanese cuisine. Cold soba noodles were definitely something we were craving in the hot weather.

Came back to the resort to relax and managed to catch the pool in the evening before it got too dark. Bliss!

IMG_4221 IMG_4220 IMG_4223 IMG_4226



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