Back – With things to say.

I’m finally done with the semester, which means I have a bit of time to myself to get creative again, which includes, getting in touch with this blog again. I’ve mentioned this before in previous posts about my trepidations with making a ‘public blog’ and how it may effect my ‘professional image’. I recently came by a very stylish lady who is both a teacher and a blogger in Australia, and goes by the handle “whattheteacherwears”. I felt absolutely inspired and frankly, wish I came up with her idea! Does this mean students don’t stalk your every move? Does this mean they still might have respect for you? How would you keep such a public profile away from your students? SO MANY QUESTIONS!

So here’s to my never-ending attempt to keep this blog alive. To do this, I believe I need to make it a little more personal with regards to content. I guess it isn’t my ‘style’ to run a blog that is theme-based/ ie. fashion/reviews. I realise now that what really gets me going is my ability to rant. Yet, often it isn’t purely rant either. I enjoy a hybrid of things, outfits, opinions, food, lifestyle…it’s too difficult for me to separate them into neat posts like many other successful bloggers do so well!

Okay. Moving on…

So it’s been over a year since I started my online jewellery store. I am proud of it, and glad that I haven’t given it up. It’s a great creative outlet and also a rewarding one. However, things did not always run smoothly.


We always hear the lines thrown around like – ‘true women celebrate other women’s successes’ etc. Whilst I am not against the sentiment of such phrases, hm, how do I put this so I don’t sound anti-feministic…it absolutely shits me that statements such as these have to sound so obstinately arrogant; as though to say that if you don’t support another female’s success, you are immediately a scathing bitch and should be shunned by the rest of society. First of all, what about women and men celebrating each other’s successes? And second of all, just because you’re a woman you’re meant to hug and be friends with everyone? Someone please re-play Emma Watson’s speech again.

This leads me to the undeniable big fat annoying elephant on this page. What am I complaining about exactly? If you know me, you know I like to speak in obscure and vague prose. But I don’t think I will here merely because I think this is an issue many ‘bloggers’, creatives, online users in general have experienced.

Here are the workings of my inner dialogue…

Is it just me – or has this person suspiciously gained a significant number of followers/subscribers each day? And why has the speed of its increase suddenly stalled? Why am I so obsessed with this? Just because they have many followers doesn’t mean that they are engaged. Should I buy followers to at least get my foot in the door? Is this ethically correct? Then again, who bloody cares? Apparently I do.

After many months of frustrations between noticing (whether it’s true or not) other people (I won’t name any names) gaining ‘inspiration’ from my collection, then turning around and saying others have ‘copied’ them without realising they have done the exact same thing themselves……..I have found peace in my own work, and continually try to remind myself why I started this business in the first place.

Admittedly,  I have been tempted to purchase followers for exposure. But I ultimately do not feel comfortable doing this. It isn’t honest. I want to earn the things I work for, and sometimes what I get in return doesn’t appear in big numbers. I want people to appreciate the work, express and comment their thoughts not because I have a huge following, not for exposure, but because they genuinely like it. So many sentences starting with “I want”, and it all sounds very vain. But ultimately, being successful should not be about how many likes, comments, or followers you receive despite what social media and the internet has taught and told us. This blog post is here to remind me each time I doubt myself, and to tell you that just because I’m a female doesn’t mean that I have to support people who are not genuine.


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